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Future of Accounting Jobs

The future of accounting is bright according to the Job Market Survey Statistics, which projects a 34% increase in Accounting Job openings by next financial year. Demand of Accounting Jobs is especially high in the International Sector.According to the survey, as the global economy grows, the number of international & national business establishments will increase, requiring more accountants and auditors to set up books, prepare taxes, and provide management advice. Changing regulations and financial laws, and increased scrutiny of company finances will also drive growth.Accounting: Job Options Audit
The work of an auditor involves examination of accounting of financial statements and ledgers within corporations and government.Budget AnalysisA budget analyst has to develop and manage organizations financial plans. There exist extensive job opportunities in this area both in government and private sector.FinancialFinancial accountants prepare financial statements and are engaged in significant financial decisions involving mergers & acquisitions, planning and long-term financial projections.Management AccountingManagement accountants participate in judgments about business analysis capital budgeting. Their job profile consists of cost analysis, analysis of new contracts and participation in efforts to control expenses in efficient manners.TaxTax professionals prepare personal and corporate income tax statements and formulate tax strategies. This kind of work requires an extensive knowledge base of economics and current tax codes.Accountants Work at: Public Accounting Firms
Professionals in such enterprise work in partnerships, which bestow accounting services to individuals, businesses and government. This field offers progressive potentials to audit managers, tax managers or partners.Government
Government accountants have the options of working at the local/state level or the central level. They may be involved with administration and formulation of budgets, program analysis or cost tracking.Various Corporations International Corporations, be it big or small commonly have an accounting group (consisting of audit manager, tax manager & cost accounting manager), which prepares the firm’s fiscal statements, tracks costs, handles tax issues and works on international transactions.

Indian Government Jobs Offer Excellent Growth Opportunities and Apt Gratification

The global job scenario underwent its worst phase when recession started in early 2009. The huge number of job losses and layoffs demoralized many employable workers. It definitely affected the living standard of people. Many large blue chip and multinational companies retrenched numerous workers in order to cut costs. New recruitment was absolutely zilch. This led to a situation where thousands of fresh graduates were left stranded without any hope of a top-notch, high paying job. In such circumstances, one sector which is still standing tall is the government sector of India.If you are one of those news savvy individuals, you must have placed your eyes upon the plethora of Sarkari Naukri being published in the major media including newspaper, TV and the World Wide Web. The most sought after jobs in the public sector are Defense jobs, Railway jobs, Bank jobs and openings in various other government institutions. The reasons behind the popularity of Indian Government Jobs are their job security, salary stability and horde of other allowances usually accompanying such a career. The pension which one is entitled to receive after the retirement period is also a major driving factor for people to desire for jobs in the government sector. Well timed promotions, various allowances and salary hikes at regular intervals are some of the added advantages of pursuing a vocation in the public segment. Private sector jobs cannot match the facilities provided by Indian Government jobs.The abundance of government jobs makes it sure that there is a job for every educational qualification and level of experience. The jobs in the public sector also do not call for prolonged working hours that are common in private jobs. The stress involved (both mental and physical) on work front is also less in case of government jobs. But, one should always remember that the race for government jobs is not an easy one as the competition is fierce with thousands of applicants vying for a few vacant posts. One also needs to acquire maximum knowledge of preparations, interviews and other facets of government recruitment. There are various levels of written exams and personal interviews to face for a job in the public sector.With the advent of advanced technologies, you need not move out of your dwelling to get apt information on something as you can do the same using a PC and a few clicks of a mouse. Nowadays, there are a plethora of web sites that proffer apt information on government jobs, their location, application procedure, last dates, etc. This information will surely be of great assistance to you. Using the Internet for the purpose of job hunting and preparation, you will not only save ample time and resources, but you will also make you a more knowledgeable person. One can easily find a job pertaining to his/her penchants in the government sector as there are a large number of disciplines to look at such as accounts, transportation, defense, railways, technology, communication, administration, etc.

Are You Prepared For Government Jobs?

If you are preparing for government jobs, the foremost thing you should ask yourself is whether you are clear about your career choices. You should not be rigid about choosing any particular position, but be surely determined to choose a particular field of job. In the similar manner, it’s not just choosing to be in the government sector, but choosing a particular department is also important. So, before applying, you need to be sure whether you want to apply for civic volunteer jobs or SSC Group D jobs. Accordingly, you should prepare and apply.Most of the government recruitment drives offer chances to the interested candidates to apply online. Important information regarding the URLs, dates, and educational qualification can be obtained from a reputed govt. job portal. But solving sample papers and learning to solve mathematical equations are not enough to get a job in the govt sector. You need to know how to prepare yourself for the best. Here is a list of pointers to help you prepare yourself for securing a position in the government sector:Figure out the particular fieldYes, most importantly, you need to choose a particular field of job that you want to do. If you want to be a teacher in a govt school, do not sit for SSC group D jobs. Instead, you should give SSC TET jobs. If only you have a special interest in a particular field, you should follow vacancy information and dates for that particular field and apply accordingly. So, give yourself some time to think and prepare accordingly. This will also help you to get good scores in the exams.Keep a positive attitudeYou must have heard so many times that getting a job in the government sector is very difficult. However, if you keep a positive attitude and work hard towards achieving your goal, nothing is impossible. Yes, for getting a govt job, you may have to go through several tests and screenings. But do not lose hope. Be positive and enthusiastic. This will reflect in your efforts as well as in your body language as you appear before the employer during the interview session.Using the right tools helpUse the right job searching tools and the right govt. job portal for searching vacancy information of your liking. There are a few good online portals where you can genuine and comprehensive information on the recruitment drives by the central or the state governments. You can thus apply on time and also submit appropriate documents. This will make it easier for you to apply for your dream job on time.Prepare well and get readyPrepare yourself for the best performance. Remember, clearing both the written examination as well as the interview is tough and requires a perpetual and deliberate effort. Enrol in an institute that offers training for getting government jobs. Experienced mentors will provide the best tips for cracking both the written exam as well as interview. Be patient and diligent in your approach. You may have to prepare for an exam for months or years before getting successful. It may not be possible to crack any exam at one go. You should not lose hope and try again after an unsuccessful attempt.Improve your communication skillsWhether you are applying for SSC Group D jobs or for SSC TET jobs, you need to have good communication skills. This will help you to score high marks in the interview as well as in the written exam. You must know that candidates with good communication skills are always preferred by the employers. So, develop your communication skills along with practicing sample papers.All these tips will help you to be better prepared for getting jobs in the government sector. You must make it a point to follow guidelines for each vacancy provided on the official websites of the respective departments. Best wishes!